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Creating a new standard of food that is friendly to the earth and body

According to a United Nations summary, the world's population is expected to grow to nearly 10 billion by 2050, and the sustainable supply of food for that many people to live healthy lives is an important issue for the future of the global environment.

Sustainable Food Asia aims to realize its vision of "creating a new standard for sustainable food that is kind to the earth and our bodies" by promoting and stimulating demand for sustainable food as a whole through the Sustainable Food Lab.


Examples of Past Initiatives


Cafe Company, Inc.

Fruit Meat Menu at PUBLIC HOUSE at

The first menu in Japan using "fruit meat" derived from jackfruit has been developed and is now being served at PUBLIC HOUSE Yoyogi Uehara, a cafe operated by Cafe Company together with Good Eat Company, Ltd.

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Marui Group Inc.

Sustainable Food Menu's

The two companies jointly developed a sustainable food menu including tacos using fruit meat and other ingredients, and held a pop-up café "Tacos cafe × Howdy Delicious, Gentle. Delicious. The menu was served at the pop-up cafe "Tacos cafe × Howdy Oishii Oishii.

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Sustainable Food Asia

Original brand
Development of "Howdy

The original "Howdy" brand is a showcase for showcasing ingredients from various food tech startups. The permanent store offers a burrito menu and other wellness, body-friendly menu items.

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Euglena Co.

joint development with a Malaysian company

Supported product development of "Balanced Nutrition Powder" for Euglena and Sireh Emas, a company that solves local health issues in Malaysia.


Sydecas Corporation and others

menu with sustainable food at Howdy

Sustainable menu including NinjaFoods burritos made with healthy new meat substitutes developed by Sydecas and curries based on the concept of food loss reduction. *Now no longer offered.

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